Air Pressure Wine Opening Kit


The Air Pressure Wine Opener is the easiest way to uncork a wine bottle because it uses air pressure to pull the cork out. This leads to no mess and no broken corks, just a perfectly opened bottle of wine.


About The Air Pressure Opening Kit

The kit comes with several extra additives to make your wine experience a lot easier. It also includes a foil cutter, wine pourer and vacuum stopper which all make your wine experience much better.

How To Use

Position and insert the needle in the center of the cork firmly and deeply. Pull the handle up and down until the cork was pumped out. The wine foil cutter cuts foil top quickly with precision. The wine aerator pourer enhances the taste and aroma of red wine. The vacuum stopper pumps out air in the wine bottle which keeps the wine fresh and reduces spillage.

The Set Includes

– Wine air pressure pump opener
– A Wine aerator
– Vacuum stopper
– Foil cutter
– Deluxe gift box

Premium Quality

The handle of air pressure opener is made of high quality aluminum alloy with screw thread, anti-slip design. The needle on the opener is made of 304 stainless steel with Teflon coating. Strong, durable and food grade safety.

Our deluxe black box is high quality and all-in-one wine set is a perfect gift for any wine lover, novice and connoisseur and many events, such as, birthday, wedding, anniversary celebration, party or housewarming.


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