Turmeric Immune Boost | 250g


Our Turmeric and Orange superfood mix contains baobab, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper rich in vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to provide health benefits which boost your immune system. It is a perfect and convenient addition to smoothies, juices, water, soups or warm coconut milk.

Enjoy plant-based nutrients that are free from preservatives, colorants & flavorings.


BENEFITS Boosts immune system
High in vitamin C
Improves skin health
High in antioxidants
Protects against heart disease
Strong anti-inflammatory properties
Calms nausea
Helps fight infections
Eases arthritis symptoms
Helps prevent Alzheimers
Helps with weight loss
Can improve eye health
SUGGESTED USE This mix is a convenient addition to any smoothie, juice, water or milk of choice. It can also be used to make a golden latte or added to soups and curries. Our favorite ways to use it is to add a tablespoon to warm coconut milk and whizz in the blender or to butternut soup while cooking. 15g serving.
INGREDIENTS Turmeric, orange powder (maltodextrin anti-caking agent), baobab, ginger, cinnamon , black pepper.


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