Graceful Beauty Power Growth Hair oil 30ml


Hair growth stimulates Hair growth. Fortified with Neem and Blackseed oil This natural blend of powerful oils to stimulate and encourage strong, healthy, thick hair growth.
Massage into hair from roots to tips every day for up to 4 minutes.
This hand-picked blend contributes to hair growth with super-rich antioxidants which protect hair from damage and thinning.



Grapeseed oil
Coconut oil
Black Cumin Oil
Moringa Oil
Castor Oil
Neem oil
Thyme oil
Cedarwood oil
Rosemary oil
Fragrance oil
Vitamin E

This is an excellent hair tonic, with properties that range from shine enhancement to dandruff reduction and improved scalp health.
This powerful blend enhances hair growth, which thickens the hair and increases cellular metabolism that stimulates hair and increasing circulation to the scalp. This can contribute to hair growth and slow hair loss.


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