Golden Years – Menopause support 50ml


Menopausal support


We have created an herbal formula to support you during your transition into your Golden Years. Our Golden Years Herbal Extract may be used to relieve hot flashes, sweating, sleep disturbances, body aches, headache, and low libido.

Calm emotional symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, dizziness, depression, mood swings, hysteria, stress, insomnia, nervous tension and excitability with this botanical blend.

This blend also helps to relieve pelvic congestion, enhance circulation, support your liver function, and have a normalising effect on the entire body. Not to mention that it helps to increase energy levels and endurance as well as improve stress resilience to take on each day.


“Golden Years is truly a fantastic product to use. The minute I experience the slightest menopausal symptoms I use Golden Years and within a few minutes relieve sets in. Truly a remarkable product!”

– Maryna de Beer

Ingredients: Black Cohosh, Motherwort, Valerian, Schisandra chinensis, Food grade sugarcane ethanol, Distilled water.


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