Elderberry Elixir with Raw Fynbos Honey 250ml


Strengthen your immune system and prevent and relieve viral infections with Elderberries.


A study done by the University of Sydney has shown that elderberry can directly inhibit a virus’s entry and replication in human cells and help strengthen a person’s immune response to a virus.

Directions of use:

Enjoy 1-2 teaspoons a day with smoothies, muesli, tea, cereal, or as is.

Prevention is always better than cure.

Please Note:

I only want you to get from the freshest batch and therefore make small batches on a weekly basis. There may be a short delay in delivery if your order falls into next week’s batch. Please share with your friends and family to boost orders and help with continuous batches.

*Elderberry honey should not be used to replace medical treatment. It is for supportive measures only.

Size: 250ml

Ingredients: Dried Elderberries, Water, Raw Fynbos Honey


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