Collagen Hot Chocolate with Raw Cacao | 250g


Our Hot Chocolate Mix from Natural Living is a tasty collagen-boosting superfood supplement. The mix is composed of 45% collagen, which is grass-fed with no hormones or antibiotics. Raw cacao and xylitol make for a delicious chocolate drink mix, which you can enjoy with warm milk or cold water. Collagen Powder Hot Chocolate Mix has great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as providing essential amino acids.

Just add hot or cold milk or water. Can also be added to smoothies, yogurt or porridge. Contains, no gluten, sugar, additives or heavy metals and free of antibiotics and hormones.


DIMENSIONS 6 × 14 × 24 cm
BENEFITS Superfood collagen powder with raw cacao
Made with grass-fed bovine collagen (45%)
Sweetened with xylitol & cacao for a rich chocolate taste
Gluten-free & sugar-free
No heavy metals, antibiotics or hormones
A rich source of amino acids (proline & glycine)
No artificial additives or preservatives
Dissolves quickly & easily
Can be mixed with hot milk or cold water
Collagen is beneficial for skin health, joint health & gut health
Beneficial for tendons, ligaments & muscles
Cacao has anti-inflammatory & antioxidant benefits
DIRECTIONS Add a heaped tablespoon to smoothies, porridge 100ml of warm milk or water.
Take 20g – 40g per day.
INGREDIENTS Pure Hydrolysed Collagen, Full Cream Milk Powder, Raw Cacao, Xanthan Gum (from Bacterial Fermentation of Wood Pulp Polysaccharides), Nature-Identical Vanilla Flavourant, Xylitol.
NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Energy 1499.7 KJ, Protein 48.8g, Glycaemic Carbohydrate 28.3g, of which total sugar 9.1g, of which added sugar 0.00g, Total fat 7.8g, of which Saturated Fat 4.9g, of which Trans Fat 0.9, Dietary Fibre 6.5g, Total Sodium 99.7mg


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