Anti-oxidant Rich Blueberry Extract 30ml


Blue berries are well known as a super food and they offer potential benefit in improving cognitive function and positive mood.
Preliminary studies suggest that blue berries may improve insulin resistance and glucose tolerance. Since blue berry extracts
may lower blood sugar levels, those taking diabetes medication should apply caution when using this supplement.



100% Pure Blue Berry Extract containing traces of Fruit Anthocyanins (Parts: Fruit)
Our Pure Blue Berry Extract (Southern High Bush Variety) is made from frozen young blue berries as to concentrate the nutrient

How to use: Each 1ml (7-8 drops) contain the benefits of 6-7 fresh blue berries.

As a Tea Booster:
8 drops hops herbal substance in 150-200 ml hot tea up to 3 times daily.

To flavour beverages: 7-8 drops blueberry herbal substance in your smoothie, tonic water or favourite non-carbonated beverage daily for a distinct
blue berry flavour.

Safety during pregnancy and lactation has not been established. In the absence of sufficient data, the use during pregnancy and
lactation is not recommended. The use in children is not recommended.


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