Dr Tom’s Kombucha is brewed using the finest green tea, along with kiwi juice as the source of sugar, to produce a unique, tangy, and smooth kombucha. Patience is a virtue during production – our Kombucha is fermented slowly for a minimum of 21 days before bottling, allowing for the development of complex acids and a more “dry” kombucha base.

After the initial ferment, we flavor our base kombucha before bottling. Dr Tom’s comes in five distinct flavors – coffee, rooibos, cranberry, ginger, and spirulina & lime. We keep things simple and use only pure juice concentrates in our five delicious flavors. The product is then fortified with a dose of probiotics and a dash of stevia.

Our Kombucha is free from additives and preservatives, has no sugar added after fermentation, and is produced under strict food safety guidelines. Be sure to refrigerate your Dr. Tom’s Kombucha.

Country of Origin: Manufactured in South Africa

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